Lead smelters and leftist lunacy: Follow-up

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Needless to say, our article on backdoor gun control generated a bit of, shall we say – interest. In fact, our readers posted 914 comments here and 41,432 shares on our Facebook page

But we also generated immediate attacks and disdain from the Left. As my boss always says, “if you’re catching flak, you know you’re over the target.”

Initially, I thought the brouhaha was limited to my careless omission of attribution to the insightful Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, whose blog post on NoisyRoom.net provided great background.

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As Jim Simpson reported in his article “Lead smelters and leftist lunacy” today about this non-story:

In his post, West did not at first cite Monroe-Hamilton, an oversight that was corrected within one hour. But of course the radical Left lunged all over it, calling him on his “plagiarism” with the rabid lunacy only they can produce – revealing in the process that many of these trolls have to just be hovering over big Republican targets waiting for the slightest opportunity to pounce.

And pounce they did, with the verdict that we were lying or incorrect about our assertion that closing the Doe Run facility will affect ammunition supply or prices and is a de facto effort for backdoor gun control. Yes, the Doe Run smelter was a supplier of primary lead. Yes, most ammunition comes from secondary lead. But if you take about 130,000 tons of primary lead from the US supply on an annual basis, the shortfall has to be made up somehow. Tammy Stankey, the spokesperson for Doe Run, says closing the plant will likely have a significant impact on price for all lead-based products.

Besides, as Simpson writes:

Given the virtually nonstop criminal shenanigans of this lawless administration, and Obama’s proclaimed determination to use “executive action” to impose gun control; given the EPA’s unconstitutional regulatory edicts that are destroying the coal industry and terrorizing others, and the former EPA director’s efforts to evade disclosure by using secret emails; given the administration’s relentless efforts to shut down the Keystone pipeline and its other unethical, unconstitutional, criminal behavior, one would be foolish NOT to assume a malevolent motive in almost everything they do.


(Read all of Jim Simpson’s article here. Particularly if you’re a lefty.)

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