Christian cleansing continues in Mideast with murder/kidnapping in Syria

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This is a time when those of us who share the Judeo-Christian faith sing songs of peace and goodwill towards all men. This is also the time — as it seems it is all the time — when those who follow the theocratic-political totalitarian intolerant belief of Islam — which means submission — kill those who will not submit to their form of proselytization, forced conversion.

According to a reports from World Net Daily,

A Syrian city overrun by the Muslim Brotherhood was the scene of the execution of three Christian men who refused to convert to Islam. The Catholic young men were killed by rebels fighting the regime of Bashar al-Assad after they had taken control of the village of Maaloula.Todd Daniels, a spokesman for the American human rights group International Christian Concern, said based on the statement from the Melkite patriarch, these men were martyred because they refused to recant their faith,” Also, 12 nuns were kidnapped at about the same time. They were identified as Mother Superior Pelagia Sayyaf and 11 nuns with her.

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International Christian Union President Joseph Hakim said the rebels forced their way into a monastery to take the nuns hostage. Dutch human rights activist Martin Janssen said that when fighting broke out in Maaloula, the nuns remained behind to care for the children in the monastery. The jihadists forced their way into the monastery and demanded that the 12 nuns had to go if they wanted to save the lives of the children with them,” Janssen said, and blames the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The Free Syrian Army is powerless,” he said, noting the Muslim Brotherhood is starting to take a leading role. “They’ve used the honest Syrian people who really want democratic rule and used them to open the door,” Hakim said. “The entire terrorist movement is financed by the Saudi government and the Turkish government,” Hakim said. “Let’s be honest, how can the rebels have that much money?”

The violence comes amid U.S. support for the Islamic rebels in Syria, an ill- advised endeavor. Many have alerted the Obama administration that these “rebels” are tied to al-Qaida and have declared their intent to establish Islamic law the country. It also rekindles the questions about a potential gun-running scheme out of Libya from the Islamist rebels President Obama supported through Turkey to the Islamist rebels in Syria.

We know the Obama administration wholeheartedly supported the Muslim Brotherhood government of Mohammed Morsi in Egypt. Thank God the Egyptian people and military rose up in defiance to Obama’s Islamist leanings.

However, this episode reminds us again there is no aspect of “coexistence” with Islam and that “when tolerance becomes a one way street it leads to cultural suicide” along with ritual executions and beheadings.

Now the chuckleheads at the Council for America Islamic Relations (CAIR) will see this post and declare that Islam does not believe in any compulsion of religion. What they will not explain to you is the concept of “nakeesh,” Arabic for abrogation. That means latter verses in the Koran supersede previous verses. So later in the Koran and Hadiths, when Mohammed sent a letter to Heraclius, Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, offering him conversion, subjugation (jizya tax), or death, that became the modus operandi for all subsequent Islamic conquests.

We can pretend to live in some type of politically correct fairy tale land or face the truth. These barbarians follow the standard of someone who is nothing more than a murderous warlord, psychopath/sociopath, liar, and by modern day standards, a pedophile. Saying this, the truth, does not make me an Islamophobe, it makes me someone as Sun Tzu would say, “knows my enemy.”

There is a cleansing occurring of Christians in the Middle East, a region where Christians have resided for some 2000 years, certainly before Islam was ever conceived. God welcome the souls of those who refused to surrender their faith. God protect those nuns. And God help these murderous jihadists because the day of reckoning is coming — and your progressive socialist apologist allies, to include President Obama, will not save you from warrior Christians such as myself.
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