If Obama were school principal, there’d only be C students

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Yesterday, President Barack Obama showed once again his desperation regarding Obamacare. In a completely unnecessary speech, he attempted to shift the nation’s attention and re-stoke the fires of economic divisiveness which he defines as “inequality.”

Instead, all he managed to do was solidify his image as a Marxist/socialist whose only goal is wealth redistribution. It’s as if Obama sees himself as the school principal, angry with the kids who are excelling and making good grades.

He feels it’s his calling to punish those earning A grades, regardless of the long hours of studying, discipline, and hard work they’ve invested. Principal Obama wants to be popular with kids making D and F grades. Instead of promoting a new school policy of tutoring and mentoring, he just wants to redistribute the grades. In the end, he believes he’ll be able to create an entire school of average students all earning a C.

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However, what Principal Obama fails to realize is that some of the A students will see his intent and simply leave the school because they possess the resources to do so. Eventually the school becomes an overall failure.

Such is the legacy and history of Marxist/socialist economic and social policy, accepted by “progressives” — it fails. Now to some, the ol’ “let’s stick it to the man” sounds good, but it’s never successful. Analyze Barack Obama’s economy and you’ll find wages for the middle income earners are depressed.

But there are no classes in America. We’re not locked into a certain state of economic existence or caste. Americans can transcend income levels when the right economic policies exist, but sir, your policies suck.

Obama has worsened the plight of hardworking middle-income families as the insidious monetary policy of quantitative easing — essentially printing massive quantities of money — devalues the dollar of their already depressed wages.

Obama has managed to expand not just the dependency society of the welfare nanny-state but also a gap in “wealth.” He seeks to sow the seeds of discord among us by saying the expanding wealth gap causes us to “trust each other less.” What kind of leader does that? Only a progressive socialist who cares nothing for the country or its citizens, but rather his own insatiable desire for absolute power.

Mr. President, we trust and believe in each other, but we do not trust you.

Stop with the divisive speeches, because we see through you and recognize your desperation. An honorable man would resign at a time when he could still be looked upon favorably – but that is not who you are. Your philosophy of governance is not in keeping with the principles of this constitutional republic. More and more Americans each day are seeing you as an incompetent, unethical, manipulative, lying tyrant. And that’s just not how we roll in the good ol’ US of A.

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