Obamacare truth depends on what “is” is

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You may remember President Bill Clinton’s famous retort during the Monica Lewinsky episode regarding the definition of “is.” Now it seems President Obama faces the same issue of definition.

First Americans were told “if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it, period. If you like your doctor you can keep him, period.” We now know that “is” not the case.

President Obama and his minions assessed your plans as substandard according to he who knows what is, is, and we know he knows what is best. And of course we all did not understand what Obama meant what is, is, so he just misspoke and then told the insurance industry what is, is, and that they should just put everyone back on their plans — since Mr. Obama’s definition of is, is that he can simply command something to occur.

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Apparently Secretary Sebelius has redefined functional to mean you do not get an error message but you are in the queue to be serviced — your information “is” being processed, albeit in a totally unsecure mode.

Progressive socialists are so good at changing language and redefining words so that getting on the website and having your information processed “is” counted as being signed up for Obamacare. The problem “is” as Fox News reported this morning, some 30% of those who applied on the website do not actually have policies.

So Americans are left asking what “is” the truth about Obamacare enrollment? I’m asking a simpler question, “is” there such a thing as a functional system called Obamacare?

What “is” the truth is that liberal socialists have made everything a mess at a time when many Americans should be preparing for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ — and Merry Christmas particularly to those who find that sentiment troubling.

Instead there are many Americans worried sick about their ability to have healthcare coverage for themselves and their families — yes, affordable healthcare, not the “sticker shock” prices of Obamacare. If the original problem was healthcare coverage for 30 million Americans, President Obama should have started there to provide coverage for those individuals.

The truth “is,” the American people are caught up in the biggest wealth redistribution scheme we’ve ever seen. And don’t be surprised when at some point President Obama takes the stage and conveys to the American people that Obamacare “is” not working, therefore he deems what “is” best for America “is” a single payer healthcare system. Principled leaders need not deceive. They know what the meaning of is, is.
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