“Hunger Games” and Obama’s vision

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For many of us, this is a day of preparation and travel for our great gathering of families and friends. I pray safe travels for all those heading towards areas affected by severe weather. I hope not too many will have to spend their Thanksgiving in an airport terminal.

Our oldest daughter, Aubrey, is driving up from Nova Southeastern University – just a short 50 miles or so. Aubrey loves to cook turkey, and she does a doggone good job. However, she has already planned the Thanksgiving eve and wants to spend the evening at the movie theater watching The Hunger Games Part II, Catching Fire with dear ol’ Dad.

Our younger daughter, Austen, and our Chinese exchange student Lin decided to see the movie this past week for Austen’s birthday — they were so excited. I must admit, I enjoyed the first movie and am looking forward to this evening — although my wife Angela isn’t into it.

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What truly caught my attention about the movie goes back to a statement made by disgraced former US Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards about “two Americas.”

In The Hunger Games there are two different societies structured after a national revolution. The country is divided up into a dozen or so districts which are responsible for producing respective resources and products to sustain those few who live in “The Capitol.”

Yes indeed, there are two Americas reflected in this movie just as we seem to have in real life: the hardworking Americans and the political elites.

In our real world, we have the opportunity society and the dependency society being created by President Obama. It resembles the old Soviet system of everybody in the Politburo who operated above the law. It is two Americas pitting those who struggle to make ends meet against those who live lavish lifestyles.

How interesting that leading up to Thanksgiving, President Obama found himself traipsing across California for fundraisers and hanging out in Hollywood — so much for the empty rhetoric of caring for the “middle class.”

It’s the same empty rhetoric of John Edwards. Just like those living in the districts in The Hunger Games, we working stiffs are commanded to expend our energies to sustain the opulence of The Capitol.

I found it quite ironic in the movie that the primary source of transportation from the districts to the Capitol was high speed rail — fascinating. But what is the most chilling parallel is that in the movie, the districts must annually submit two of their young people to be sacrificed in a brutal gladiatorial competition in order to satisfy the lust and entertain the residents of the Capitol.

How interesting that we are now being directed — ok, coerced –into providing our young people to Obamacare in order to placate the gods of progressive socialism. You see, without sacrificing young healthy Americans, President Obama’s vision of universal healthcare fails.

I suppose now that we see this movie in a different light, Obama will have his hollywood cronies denigrate the film — ask Katheryn Bigelow what happened with Zero Dark Thirty.

It’s funny some times how art can imitate life, and in this case, there are countless parallels between the fascist Capitol of The Hunger Games, and the onerous actions of lies, deceit, deception, and intimidation coming from the liberal socialists of the Obama administration. In the movie there is a young heroine, Katniss, and eventually she leads a revolt against the Capitol — art imitating life.

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