Black university student harassed for speaking out about Obamacare

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As we recently reported, in our article “More proof Obama is bad for black people,” students at Bowie State University are losing their health care coverage because of Obamacare. Now it appears just speaking out about it is bad too.

According to his website, Eugene Craig III, is the Founder and Executive Director of the Bulldog Collegian. He is also a grassroots activist, a member of the Student Senate at Bowie State University, and the President of The Bowie State University Young Americans For Liberty Chapter.

This week, Craig appeared on The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly to discuss a piece he wrote in the Bulldog Collegian entitled, “How Obamacare is hurting Bowie State Students.” And for simply presenting the truth, he has been harassed by administrators and alumni. I am starting to wonder what kind of country we are becoming?

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Are we living in some fascist state where freedom of speech, to some, is just empty rhetoric and not a right enshrined in our Constitution? Young Mr. Craig, who is fortunate enough to be on his parents insurance coverage, simply articulated,

From $54/semester to a proposed $750/semester to a proposed $1900/year to CANCELLED, is the roller-coaster Bowie State University Students have been on for the last couple semesters in the University’s attempt to find a health care insurance plan that falls within the rules and regulations released by Department of Health and Human Services.

It’s bad enough that Obamacare has pushed private sector financial institutions out of providing college student loans, which is now solely a government monopoly. It was the Obama administration through Obamacare that raised interest rates on college student loans in the first place, and we now know the government is even making a profit on that.

The real impetus of course was to generate more revenue for the behemoth of 159 new agencies and bureaucracies part of Obamacare. Just the same, young people are needed for Obamacare as subsidy lab rats to keep this Titanic afloat.

As Craig states,

As the plan the University has provided for many semesters is considered to be out of compliance with the rules that HHS released for Colleges and Universities, Bowie State University is forced to send everyone to the Maryland Exchange. This is one sure way to make sure those “Invincible Millennials” are on the exchanges to make sure the cost of the ACA is balanced out.

And for speaking the truth and creating a legitimate debate on a college campus, Eugene Craig III is being vilified. Eugene, I am thankful we have young people, especially a young black man like you, willing to take a stand and not be silenced by the progressive socialists. Which begs the question, are those white liberal socialists attacking Eugene racists?

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