If Obamacare is the turkey, why are we getting stuffed?

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When a policy is failing how do President Obama and his acolytes solve the issue? Fabricate positive press, of course. The Obama campaign machine is desperately kicking in overtime to combat the truth, or as they classify it, “bad press” on Obamacare.

First of all, Organizing for Action has received marching orders to “get into people’s faces” and talk about Obamacare over Thanksgiving dinner. That approach will give new meaning to the term food fight. (Oh, and by the way, during a conference call with supporters, Obama claimed 100 million people have signed up, which is only off by a factor of …um…a thousand or so)

Apparently event the AARP has been sending out “Evites” to have parents and grandparents guilt-trip the younger generations to sign up for Obamacare, as families gather for turkey day dinner.

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Can’t you just see this image, “Bobby and Susie, Grandma made her special pumpkin pie for you. So now you just sign up at healthcare.gov and I’ll cut you a slice.” To which Susie responds, ” Sorry Gran, but I ain’t subsidizing you, the website is still down and I never liked your pie anyway.”

In addition, the Obama administration will likely enlist the help of more local media outlets, especially in states with Republican governors who did not sign onto the Medicaid expansion and refused to establish state exchanges.

Besides, pumpkin pie, there’s one other Thanksgiving Day tradition, and that is football. But I can almost assure you we will be bombarded by a constant deluge of Obamacare commercial advertisements.

But I ask you, if Obamacare was soooo good, why all this effort to coerce, er convince, the American people? The newest revelation is that an estimated 80 million households will lose their employer-based health insurance coverage plans.

It’s obvious President Obama is scrambling and at a loss for solutions. The American health insurance industry is being decimated due to his intentional incompetence.

Once the progressive socialists have succeeded in destabilizing the private sector insurance market, they’ll make the push for single-payer system, in other words, Medicaid for everyone. With a looming disaster coming in the 2014 midterm elections, do not put it past Obama to decree single-payer by executive order edict.

Now that Harry Reid has changed the filibuster rules, Obama will be able to stack the DC circuit court, which will reduce the possibility of a successful legal challenge to his executive order. Conspiracy theory? Nope, not when you consider all the previous unconstitutional actions and lying by Barack Obama.

Somewhere in a secret backroom, Obama’s disciples of liberal socialism are planning their next step to fundamentally transform our Republic. What can we do about it? First of all, keep saying Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, and Merry Christmas. It really upsets those liberal progressives.
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