Lousy Iran deal puts even more pressure on Democrats for 2014

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President Obama’s feel-good moment with Iran is already drawing bipartisan criticism. According to the New York Post, “Republican and Democratic leaders alike expressed outrage Sunday over President Obama’s decision to sign onto a nuclear-arms deal that eases sanctions on the terror-loving leaders of Iran. The double-barreled attack came as hundreds of cheering Iranians gave their country’s negotiators a heroes’ welcome as they returned from talks in Geneva.”

So in Iran, the leaders and negotiators are being praised, while ours appear neutered and ineffective. I believe since President Obama won his second term, he cares less and less about those in his own party (let alone his country) and more about his so called “legacy.”

When you look at the immense domestic policy failure called Obamacare and now add the foreign policy debacle of destabilizing the Middle East and giving Iran a reprieve, Democrats are being placed in an untenable position.

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Two prominent Democrats, Bronx Rep Eliot Engel and NY Senator Charles Schumer have both complained about the deal letting Iran off the hook and sending the wrong signals.

Without a doubt it is becoming more strenuous for Democrats to defend the Obama administration, and the blatant slap in the face to our republic by Senator Harry Reid’s nuclear option only exacerbates the problem.

For Republicans, if there was ever a time to promote economic growth policies and a way ahead past the Obamacare disaster –as well as a coherent foreign policy that restores our trust, confidence, and credibility — that time is now. The narcissism of Barack Obama is in full bloom as in, “I got mine, the heck with you.”

Funny, when these progressive socialists thought they were riding high and the Obama poll numbers were great, they were all cheerleaders. Now that thr Potemkin Village is being exposed, they’re running scared. My recommendation? In 2014, make every one of these Democrats pay for exposing America to this scourge called President Obama. Make sure this president does not have a last two years like his first two.

Obama must be contained by having to face a conservative-controlled House and Senate in order to negate his extensive use of rule by executive order and edict. The Democrats must be held responsible in the 2014 mid-term elections for their support and the subsequent failure of their reckless socialist designs on America.

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