US rolls over on Iran nuke program

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Nothing good happens late at night, and America just had a modern-day Neville Chamberlain moment. At 3 am in Geneva, Iran and 6 major powers agreed to “temporary relief” of sanctions in return for Iran stopping or scaling back parts of its nuclear program. President Obama has just empowered the number one state sponsor of terrorism, Iran, to pursue its nuclear goals and objectives.

This is not diplomacy, this is abject surrender and appeasement. Iran loses nothing, not a single facility, not any capability to enrich uranium, but we have conceded the one best non-military option: economic sanctions.

President Bill Clinton promised the same in regards to North Korea, and did that have any effect? Not to mention that North Korea has taken an 85-year-old Korean War veteran into detention, and of course we have done nothing.

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Iran has held American Christian minister, Saeed Abedini, in prison for nearly a year, and President Obama said nothing about his fate, nor demanded his release. Israel and Saudi Arabia have lost all trust and confidence in America as a credible ally.

Secretary Kerry said the objective is “to require Iran to prove the peaceful nature of its nuclear program.” Yeah, right. We have fallen for the biggest deception ever. Perhaps these inept progressives should study the model for Islamic totalitarian negotiations, Muhammad’s Treaty of Hudaybiyyah. As well, they need to understand the principle of taquiyya – lying to “infidels” to promote the advancement of Islamic conquest and objectives.

The goal of the sanctions was to bring Iran to its knees and force them to surrender their march towards a nuclear weapon capability — not to get them to negotiate. The agreed-upon measures are in effect for six months, then what?

Right, another red line, that ends up not being a red line, and then we do nothing. Iran already has a capability and are close to having the requisite plutonium. Who in the international community will verify?

The Obama administration is in such a hurry to have SOMEthing going right, they’ve done something that will go very wrong.

We are promising relief along with the lifting of economic sanctions, but this should not have been promised until after complete verification of the terms of nuclear capacity reduction, at minimum over the period of a year.

We will never be able to gather the international support to restart the sanctions, not after open trade has begun. We have just guaranteed the continuation of the theocratic Islamic totalitarian regime. Jimmy Carter could not have botched this up any worse.

Now liberal socialists and the media are going to chime in saying Obama has achieved peace — so said Sir Neville Chamberlain upon return from his “negotiations” with Chancellor Adolf Hitler. Some people only understand strength and might. For them weakness is enticing. The better alternative? Crush the mad mullahs.
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