Russian GPS stations coming to the US?

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Last year in a famous “off-mic” moment between Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and President Barack Obama, the latter sad to. Medvedev, “please tell Putin that after the election I will have more flexibility.” In response, President Medvedev stated, “I will give him the message.”

Of course, like everything else about President Obama, the media dared not question what that meant, because if you challenge any policy you’re charged as racist. But I digress…

Did flexibility mean you can give asylum to an American traitor? (yep, Edward Snowden is a traitor, not a hero. A hero stands before his countrymen to protect his homeland, a traitor runs away like a coward and enables attacks against his former country).

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Did flexibility also mean you can embarrass America on an international stage over the civil war in Syria? After all, Obama didn’t really draw a red line, we all drew it.

No, flexibility means the shameless Obama administration is seeking to allow Russia to build a half-dozen facilities across the United States to operate the Glonass satellite system, a counterpart to and competitor with America’s Global Positioning System (GPS). First of all, do we want to invite competition to our system right in our own backyard? Secondly, consider the risk at which we are placing our own GPS system, — compromising it and signal disruption being the most prevalent concerns.

If Russian Glosnass stations are in close proximity to our towers, you’d have to realize we are exposing our GPS system to interference and espionage, by way of electronic warfare.

However, according to a New York Times report:

For the State Department, permitting Russia to build the stations would help mend the Obama administration’s relationship with the government of President Vladimir Putin, now at a nadir because of Moscow’s granting asylum to Mr. Snowden and its backing of President Bashar al Assad of Syria.

In typical misguided modern liberal fashion we must concede to the Kremlin in exchange for their bad behavior. And to add to this insidious bit of appeasement, neither the Defense Department nor the Intelligence community were in on this decision by the State Department. And please, do not bother to ask President Obama, his response will be, “Uh, uh, I did not know and just found out when reading Allen West’s website.”

This is not simply incompetence, it is insanity, the insanity of progressive socialism intent on the weakening of our republic, and its subjugation.

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