Reid’s nuclear option smells like desperation

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Welcome to Washington DC where the word “compromise” means to do what progressive socialists want. And now we find out that “checks and balances” is applicable only when modern liberals deem so, meaning when they’re not in power.

Today, the US Senate under the tyranny of Senator Harry Reid acted as spoiled children who have not been able to get their way and changed the filibuster threshold rule from 60 votes to a simple majority. It’s quite easy to simply say Republicans are obstructionists, but there was a reason why our Founding Fathers constructed the rules as they did between the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Unfortunately for Senator Reid and President Obama we have video footage of their positions as obstructionists and against changing the filibuster rule when they were not in majority, or against former President George Bush doing as they just did.

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The Democrats claim this will apply for all subsequent Senates, but let’s see if that truly is the case if the Democrats lose their Senate majority in 2014. My assessment is that they believe losing the Senate may be the case and the race is on to do as much damage — the nuclear option –and put in place as many of their administrative minions, especially judges, as possible.

Just imagine if the GOP had control of the Senate and did this, the outcry that would arise. It seems we’re sinking further and further into an unrecognizable America is based on the dominance of one party rule, dominance, and not the established system of governance for a Constitutional Republic.

As usual, when the news cycle isn’t in their favor, the Left shifts the topic in true Kansas City shuffle fashion, particularly as we draw closer to the failed repair deadline for the website.

We do have one thing going for us America, since the Supreme Court ruled the Individual Mandate is a tax, in reality Obamacare is not constitutional, as no revenue-generating legislation can emanate from the Senate, only the House of Representatives.

The Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) has brought forth a case to that effect and it may reach the Supreme Court. Please be aware because since progressive socialists peruse this website, you can just imagine the scramble to prevent this legal action from seeing daylight.

Harry Reid’s action today just goes to reinforce the sad reality that we live under the rule of a narcissistic dictator who refuses to have his desires challenged.

You can be certain we won’t get to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi, since Senator Lindsay Graham promised to filibuster the appointments of Janet Yellin and Jeh Johnson until answers were forthcoming — after all “what difference does it make?” This is inexcusable and I will not accept any snide explanation from President Obama, Harry Reid, or the White House talking heads regurgitating carefully-crafted talking points.

We are seeing exactly what today’s modern Democrat party represents: a Stalinist-type regime based upon absolutism, intimidation, character assassination, and subjugation of any and all opposition.

A dangerous game is being played, one that does not end well for progressive socialists. The majority of Americans are not the progressive true believers and mindless foot soldiers who were micro-targeted in order to win an election. We see what is occurring and this imprudent and incorrigible behavior will not be tolerated for much longer.

If the elected officials of the GOP will not make a stand against these repeated power grabs — loyal Americans will, and do not be on the wrong side of history Mr. President. Your legacy may end up being the same as King George III. Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform the United States of America, that is his goal. Forget being “likeable” — he is a Marxist/socialist destroyer of our Republic

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