Just wait ‘til a knockout gang meets someone with a carry permit

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In a week where Oprah Winfrey has defined criticism of President Obama as racist, I have not heard a single black leader or entertainer speak out about the “knockout game.”

Have you seen the horrifying videos of gangs of black youths attacking whites attempting to knock out the targeted victim in one punch? There have been cases where individuals have died.

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I keep hearing commentators asking for the voices of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others to speak out. But you’ll hear only crickets because there’s no profit in it for them, and certainly no political gain by way of victimhood.

Now, just wait, the day is coming when one of these roving bands of thugs runs into someone with a concealed weapon permit, and they draw down and shoot one or more of these black teens.

Then you’ll hear the outcry from the black community and the usual suspects of poverty pimps and race baiters. As a matter of fact, the black detractors will now probably attack me saying I’ve provided cover for whites to attack young black teens.

I’ve done nothing of the sort. Americans — all Americans — have a right to protect themselves. Once a black teen is shot, then the cries of racism will resound — not when a white baby in Georgia is shot in the face by black teens, not when a World War II Okinawa Veteran is beaten to death in Washington state, not when a young white teenager on a bus in Florida is beaten horribly by black teens for turning them in for selling drugs.

There is a serious duplicitous hypocrisy – and sadly some black teens couldn’t even tell you what that means because of a breakdown of their families and de-emphasis of a good education.

This hypocrisy – including the blind eye given to the pathological lying, incompetence, and lack of responsibility and accountability of the first African-America president — is creating an even greater chasm in race relations in our America.

And to think, any black person addressing these issues is attacked by white liberals and their black henchmen as a sellout, Uncle Tom and Oreo ™. As I’ve said before, I’m darn glad my parents taught me right from wrong, and that skin color should not determine your character. Character exists — or not — irrespective of race. At least that was Dr. King’s true hope for America.

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