Common Core is the Obamacare of education – high school senior explains why

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While attention is on the debacle that is Obamacare, there is another even more disturbing comprehensive government program being implemented called “Common Core” a set of educational guidelines that were never voted on by Congress, the Department of Education nor by local or state governments.

This federal takeover of public education redefines reading and math standards, teaching and testing for K-12 schooling. According to a report from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI):

The sweeping bold national effort was introduced in 2010 and adopted by more than 40 states with little notice, Common Core has since rocketed into the popular imagination. Headlines are now filled with tales of angry public meetings and legislative clashes in places like Florida, New York and Georgia. This discord may surprise some. The Common Core is the very reform that the New York Times editorial board celebrated as “a once-in-a-generation opportunity,” and which U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said “may prove to be the single greatest thing to happen to public education in America since Brown versus Board of Education.”

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But challenges with implementation are making the Common Core look more and more like Obamacare. States like Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Oklahoma that were eager to adopt the standards in 2010 are now having second thoughts. The AEI reports even the president of the American Federation of Teachers admitted the implementation of the Common Core is “far worse” than the launch of Obamacare – and that’s saying something.

So where was all this anger when states were adopting the Common Core? Why is it boiling up now? Here’s one important clue: Americans were clueless. According to a Gallup report this fall, 68 percent of Americans had never even heard of the Common Core.

Tennessee high school senior Ethan Young, a student at Farragut High in Knox County, gives an outstanding summation of why Common Core is so frightening.

States have been quietly spending the last two or three years planning to fundamentally alter how schools teach and test reading and math, but parents and teachers are only now encountering these big changes that seemingly came out of nowhere.

The advocates of Common Core are trying to dismiss the objections as a function of parents and teachers being uninformed or misinformed — sound familiar? Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel recently said basically the same thing about Obamacare, as we reported. You’re just too stupid to understand why this is good for you – a typical refrain from the Obama administration.

Here’s another little-discussed fact relating to education: Obamacare mandates the government takeover of college education student loans. In essence, the private sector financial institutions have been driven out. With Common Core and the takeover of college loans, the federal government essentially controls your education from kindergarten on.

Don’t forget one of the 10 planks laid out by Karl Marx in the “Communist Manifesto” is the complete state control of education.

Folks, down South we grew up learning how to boil a frog. You never toss a frog into a hot pot of water. You put the frog into a pot of cool water and slowly turn up the heat. America, it’s getting mighty warm in our pot.

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