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Our website editor says there are very few clicks on the weekend stress relief commentary. Well, I must convey to everyone that writing this sports missive is quite therapeutic for me.

In an America where so much is going wrong, it’s nice to have a little respite. I also feel it’s vital to let everyone know a little about what I enjoy me other than SCUBA diving, riding the motorcycle, and distance running. I love college football, the pageantry, the passion, and rivalry.

But first, this weekend brings the NFL game we’ve all been waiting to see: Kansas City (9-0) vs Denver (8-1). Without a doubt, this game will be the test for the Chiefs, oops – that’s still their mascot right? The atmosphere in Mile High Stadium will be electric, but being a University of Tennessee graduate, I know that Peyton Manning has a tendency to struggle with the big games. Close game, but I believe the home field will give Denver a slight edge.

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Now, onto college football… the South’s oldest rivalry takes place down on the plains of Auburn Alabama when the Georgia Bulldogs come to town. Auburn is 9-1 under first year Coach Gus Malzahn — they whipped up on Tennessee last week. Do not expect Auburn to be peeking ahead to the Iron Bowl showdown against Alabama, which will be played at Auburn, “War Damn Eagle”.

Another key game in the SEC will be Florida heading to South Carolina—after all, the Gamecocks are still in the hunt for the SEC East title. And surprise, surprise, Duke is 7-2 — not the basketball team, but the football team –and Miami is coming to town. Could be a BIG Saturday up in Durham NC.

Out in middle America, the Big 12 Conference will highlight two key games which will set up a coming challenge: Oklahoma State travels to Austin to face the Texas Longhorns and the undefeated Baylor Bears meet Texas Tech in Arlington, at the house Jerry Jones built. I’m going with “Okla State” and Baylor winning, and setting up a Big 12 showdown. Nebraska has been somewhat quiet since they moved to the Big 10, but a win against Michigan State could change that a bit.

Way out west, well, the premier game was last week, Oregon vs Stanford, but this week eyes will be on Washington going to UCLA.

So guys and gals, throw ol’ Allen a bone and show me you do have a weekend sports passion as well. What’s your big game for the weekend?

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