Obamacare is the president’s Waterloo: Here’s what the GOP must do

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Good morning from Salt Lake City, Utah where the weather is actually very comfortable!

Yesterday, I wrote of Obamacare resembling the failure of the Kasserine Pass. Well, due to recent developments over the past 24 hours, it has morphed into Waterloo for President Obama.

Just one year after reelection, Obama now finds himself with an approval rating of 39 percent, which I predict will keep plummeting. He also awoke to find that close to 54 percent of Americans do not trust him.

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Amazingly, it wasn’t Operation Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, NSA surveillance, Benghazi, a dismal economic recovery, weak economic recovery, or failed foreign policy and a decimated US military that became his Achilles heel.It was the simple healthcare coverage cancellation notices that arrived in the mailboxes of now some 5 million Americans.

You see, this was not some “right wing nut job” conspiracy. This was something that happened to Fox News liberal contributor Kirsten Powers and Obama supporters in California. This wasn’t something that could just be dismissed — although watching apologists like Ezekiel Emmanuel and James Carville, it’s only a measly five percent of Americans who can’t comprehend what’s best for them — and we’re told Democrats cared about the little guy? Sorry, it seems you’re just too stupid to know what’s best for you.

The President now finds himself behind the Clinton 8-ball since the honored and revered former President Bill Clinton has now joined forces and made a public statement that President Obama must honor his pledge. (Wait a minute, that’s Bill Clinton talking about honor?)

Worst of all, Obama now finds himself being given an ultimatum by Capitol Hill Democrats: he has 72 hours or else! For Democrats, it has nothing to do with policy, since they all voted for Obamacare and heartily defended it. Why even DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz believes Democrats will successfully run on Obamacare in 2014. This is all about political survival. And we thought they cared soooo much.

Now, my advice to my former Republican colleagues is don’t go gloating or doing the “I told you so” news broadcast tour. Let the American people know this is why you were fighting, you were fighting for them, for good governance and policy, for their success, not your personal gain.

Most importantly Republicans, do not come out talking about defunding or repeal, talk about solutions. Come up with a plan to restore the insurance policies of the 5 million who have been adversely affected, bring forth a plan to cover those with preexisting conditions so they do not fall into the abyss. Be forward thinking and resolve the issue of when the employer mandate delay is lifted and ensure we do not have even more Americans being dropped off coverage. You must make sure that the unconstitutional individual mandate tax does not take effect, punishing Americans unnecessarily.

The bottom line is, solve problems, something that progressive socialists cannot do. They’re in their dark rooms trying to ascertain how they can blame the GOP and anyone else. The point they fail to realize? The American people are done with excuses. The pain finally hit the American people and cannot be denied. Yes, it trickled down. Obama, like Napoleon, is facing his Waterloo.

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