First Israel, now Egypt: Obama’s dismal foreign policy worse than Obamacare?

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Israeli Prime Minister is watching a Neville Chamberlain moment, which will have far worse ramifications for Israel and the Jewish nation than what history has already demonstrated. The fact that we’re willing to eliminate all economic sanctions against the theocratic Islamic regime while it marches towards a weaponized nuclear capability is insane.

We’re not forcing anything of Iran, and President Rouhani is not a moderate. The fact that he named as defense minister the individual responsible for the Beirut bombing that killed 250 American Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers proves he is, as PM Netanyahu stated, “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

However, as depressing as this moment of acquiescence is, there’s another story from the Middle East which is cause for shame and alarm. Egypt was once a trusted ally for America. But now, thanks to Obama and his administration, Egypt no longer trusts America.

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It was just four short years ago, on June 4, 2009, that Obama delivered a speech inspiring the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. In June 2012, the Muslim Brotherhood acquired that which they had been prevented from having, a president in Egypt — a Muslim Brotherhood president who was embraced and welcomed by Obama and his administration.

A year later in 2013, the Egyptian people realized that America, under Obama, had betrayed their dreams and hopes of freedom. They took to the streets and removed the Islamist tyrant. And now Egypt is reverting back to seeking a relationship with Russia unlike anything seen since the Cold war.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised $4 billion in weapons and Egypt is poised to provide Russia a naval base, which would be their second in the Mediterranean Sea. As well, Egypt has opened up communications inviting Putin to Egypt — and this all after US Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit last week.

Ten years ago the United States had a force poised in the heart of the Middle East. I know, I was there. Today, thanks to a lack of strategic vision and foreign policy experience, America is liked, liked so much that we are not respected, and certainly not credible.

Much of the punditry over the past two weeks has been focused on Obamacare, its faults and failures, as well as President Obama’s lying. The recent debate has been about the president’s lack of credibility, which, according to his plummeting approval and favorability rating, certainly reflects it. However, President Obama’s credibility vacuum is not just in relation to his plethora of domestic failures, as his credibility in the arena of international relations is abysmal as well.

Frankly, it has come to the point that anyone seeking to defend the Obama administration has to be considered delusional.
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