John Kerry’s “War on Women”

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Kerry is a prominent representative of the United States but it seems he’s reluctant to stand up for the fundamental American values of equality, as it pertains to women around the world.

As reported by Elliott Adams on the Council on Foreign Relations blog:

On the move for Saudi women to be allowed to drive, Kerry was careful not to appear to take sides. Noting that while the United States embraces gender equality, “it is up to Saudi Arabia to make its own decisions about its own social structure and choices and the timing of whatever events.”

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My mom raised me on a foundational premise that “A man must stand for something or else he will fall for anything.” I guess Secretary of State John Kerry’s mom failed to teach him the same maxim, or perhaps she did and he lacks the moral courage and intestinal fortitude to make a stand.

Kerry is symbolic of America as a weak horse, as first described by Osama Bin Laden. Our first mistake in the Middle East that earned us that moniker was to withdraw from Beirut after the terrorist bombing in 1983, with no definitive military action. We followed that up with our hasty withdrawal from Somalia, and lack of a focused response after terrorist attacks in Khobar Towers, against the USS Cole, and against our US Embassies in Africa.

Now just days ago, when confronted about making a stand against the practice of denying women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, Kerry tucked in his tail and acquiesced to the Saudis. So much for the “War on Women.” We now see unequivocally that liberal progressives only use that as some inane political gimmick, not principled conviction. They’re only concerned about some women’s rights – but not all.

Far be it from us to criticize Saudi repression of women and the ludicrous and offensive practice of preventing women from driving. How far does Secretary Kerry go with this “your own decisions about your own social structure?” Does it matter to him that Saudi women don’t get to make that decision–because the country has no democratic institutions whatsoever?

However, does anyone hear a peep about this story? Does MSNBC challenge Kerry for not standing up for women’s rights? Nah, progressive socialists only believe in collectivizing Americans for their political gain. They really don’t care.

It’s just a sad state of affairs in our country that a young woman like Sandra Fluke believes equality is defined by the government, i.e. American taxpayers, paying for her birth control. Sadly, young women in Saudi Arabia would just like the chance to enjoy liberty and freedom — simple actions taken for granted by Ms. Fluke, like driving a car. Ms. Fluke, are you proud of Secretary Kerry?
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