Election night wrap-up: what next for the GOP?

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Well, the results are in and so it’s time for a little assessment.

Let’s start with New York. Good luck, you just voted in a Marxist/socialist, and you thought David Dinkins was bad? I know there are some very eclectic folks in New York City but what were the free market capitalists thinking?

Next door in New Jersey, everyone pretty much saw this woodshed coming for Governor Christie. So of course, let the talk about 2016 begin as we’ll hear “the rhetoric of Chris Christie shows the way forward for Republicans to win.” He is a tough Republican governing in a totally blue state. All I can say is I heard much of the same regarding Governor Mitt Romney. We heard the commentary that he was a successful Republican in a blue state. We heard liberal media outlets talk of Romney being a Republican they could support — oops. I love the song by The Who, “We won’t be fooled again,” so Republicans had best tread wisely and not go down that path again blindly.

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In Virginia it was simple, two things hindered Ken Cucinelli: the government slim down (remember it was only 17% of the federal government and they all got back pay) and the demographic of northern Virginia and the Libertarian candidate. Let me address the latter first and cause some people’s heads to spin: third party candidates always assure Democrat victory. Yes, we reside in a Republic and running for office is open for anyone qualified. But consider what has just happened: Virginia just elected a characterless progressive socialist who is corrupt to the core and in bed with the Clinton political machine.

McAuliffe will govern to the left, but much worse will be his position as a willing ally for a Hillary Clinton 2016 run.

The other aspect of this result was the overall strategic ramification of having a government shutdown event so close to this gubernatorial race and not realizing the second and third tier effects it would have. Unfortunately, the GOP is just not good enough at effective messaging and never overcame the optics and propaganda of “GOP government shutdown.”

Nevertheless, with all that being the case, the toxic nature of Obamacare almost won the day for Cucinelli. In other words, the Democrats won the battle of Virginia this night but are at risk of losing the strategic war.

There are going to be pundits who will try to say the way forward for the GOP will be to moderate itself, following a winning Christie model. But my recommendation is to narrow the issue focus and make sure everything comes back to the economy, energy, and national security, and the combined affect on hardworking Americans.

Right now, the GOP and conservatives should be talking about solutions and what they are for – instead the American people are focusing solely on what they are against.

Now when your enemy finds itself walking in a minefield it laid, just let them. Hillary Clinton is not some monolithic person that cannot be defeated. Right now, don’t focus there. Focus on ensuring Barack Obama does not get a House and Senate for his final two years that will take America further into the abyss, and especially towards a single-payer system.

If House Speaker John Boehner would support Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf’s H.Res 36 calling for a select committee on Benghazi, it will be the end of Hillary Clinton.

My concern for the GOP? The lack of strategic vision and strategic leadership. The progressives are hyped up right now but Republicans need to heed the lesson I learned from former Marine First Sergeant Jim Reinfinger, “if you ever find yourself in a fair fight, its because your tactics suck.”

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