Obama has no credibility, no honor and no integrity

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The phrase, “by any means necessary” was first coined by French intellectual Jean-Paul Sartre. It was famously used by Malcolm X in 1964 at the Organization of Afro-American Unity Founding Rally. Listening to countless progressive socialist apologists attempt to explain away President Obama’s lie about Obamacare, I am reminded of that phrase – by any means necessary.

Just today, President Obama continued with his practice of telling another lie to cover a lie by inserting the conditional word “if.” We have over 24 accounts where Obama never used the word “if” in referring to Americans keeping their healthcare plans or their doctors.

“If” we now have a president willing to utilize any means necessary to advance his agenda, where does it end? If we have come to the point where the belief of President Obama and his socialist acolytes is that the end — a single-payer system and the decimation of the private insurance market — justifies the means (lies), then we no longer reside in a Constitutional Republic. We live under the oppressive yoke of tyranny.

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What is most diabolical is the lengths liberal progressive media outlets will take to enable the deception of the American people. Take for example the New York Times editorial board explaining away President Obama’s lie as “he misspoke.” One can misspeak once, but not 24 times.

Senior adviser to President Obama, Dan Pfeiffer, took to Twitter to attack a Stage 4 cancer survivor who was profiled in the Wall Street Journal as someone concerned about having received a cancellation notice. By any means necessary means you care less about a suffering American citizen than a political agenda.

There is talk in the media about President Obama’s credibility, but he has none. How do we look at our children and grandchildren and regard this person in any manner of high esteem? How is it that we ask our children and grandchildren to maintain high standards of integrity, while the holder of the highest office in the country does not?

President Richard Nixon stepped down over “breaking and entering.” President Bill Clinton committed a lewd act in the Oval Office, lied to the American people, and is still cheered. Can it be that liberal progressives embody no standards of decency and integrity?

I constantly teach my daughters that character is all about doing what’s right when no one is watching. How can any of us respect Barack Obama who believes he is unaccountable to us, the American people?

No more excuses, Barack Obama is a liar, and doesn’t even possess the sense of Americanism to attend the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. He should resign. The first African-American president has been a disgrace.
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