West Point men become first to marry at academy

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Two graduates of West Point became the first men to marry each other at the military academy when Larry Choate III married Daniel Lennox Saturday afternoon at the U.S. Military Academy’s Cadet Chapel.

Both men are out of the Army and both wore tuxedoes for the ceremony. About 20 guests attended, some in uniform. There have been two previous gay marriages performed at the Cadet Chapel but they involved females.

I would say that Choate and Lennox have a better chance at a career in the Army now that 197 senior officers have been sacked by President Obama in the past five years. The point is, the mission of the US Military is to train, deploy, fight and win our nation’s wars – -combat engagements – not overseas contingency operations.

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The job of the military is to take the individual and conform its behavior to the unit in order for it to fight as one. When the day comes that the military is made to conform itself to the behavior of the individual, then it will begin to erode and lose effectiveness. And mind you, race and gender are not behaviors. This is not equivalent to integrating blacks.

I have been to West Point, and even addressed the Junior and Senior Cadet leadership classes. I do not celebrate this event at all, especially considering the Army only has two combat ready Brigades. Where are our priorities? I will always love the Army but what I am witnessing is an all-out progressive assault to destroy the foundations of a segment of our American society that represents and instills into young men and women the highest standards of honor, integrity, and character.

I absolutely support civil unions but believe marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman. Why is it necessary to redefine the foundation of a society, a family? States should make the determination about marriage, however, we should not allow activist courts to overrule the referendum of the people in order to institute their ideals on social equality, and fairness, as in what happened in California.

If I could summon the great Spirits of the “Long Gray Line,” to include Henry O. Flipper, I wonder what they would say? Something tells me that George Patton would have some choice words for President Obama and Secretary Hagel.

So, I toss the ball into your court, my friends. Do you think West Point alums will be sending congratulatory notes to Mr. and Mr….well, heck, I don’t know how to address them. And be on the lookout for this couple to be recognized at this year’s Army-Navy game. I’m sure President Obama will give them a personal call of congratulations, just like with NBA player Jason Collins.

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