How I’d fix health care

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Imagine the shock of millions of Americans receiving notices this week that their healthcare plans would be terminated. The problem for the President now is that he suffers from an extreme credibility problem, as we’ve been treated to countless sound bites where he promised that wouldn’t happen. But, par for the course, he went on the campaign trail to use his pulpit to point the finger of blame elsewhere.

Obamacare intentionally forces individuals towards the government exchanges. The seemingly secretive conditions for grandfathering individual insurance policies were never made clear to the American people. The underlying message in all of this is that you, the individual American citizen, do not know what is best for you. You do not have the capacity to know what type of insurance coverage you should have so therefore the government will tell you, and mandate it so, and if you don’t comply, you’ll be taxed.

There are several simple free market solutions to the issue of healthcare in America.

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• First of all, there should have been an effort to institute tort reform for catastrophic litigation. Of course, with the power of the trial lawyers’ lobby in Washington DC, mainly supportive of Democrats, that did not happen.

• We should have opened up insurance competition across state lines and stopped the insidious practice of allowing these state by state mini-monopolies. Americans should decide on what their plans should cover, not state or federal agencies.

• We should be promoting health savings accounts which allow Americans to isolate funds from their compensation, tax-free, for their routine medical needs –instead Obamacare taxes these accounts (so much for individual initiative).

• We should allow portability of employer insurance plans, so you can buy one plan when you’re young and stick with it, rather than having to get a new plan every time you change employers.

• For Americans with pre-existing conditions, the government could have assisted in establishing high-risk pools and offered subsidies for Americans.

The strategic goal of President Obama’s signature policy has nothing to do with healthcare, it has everything to do with increased taxation — 21 new taxes in Obamacare as a matter of fact — and a march towards a single payer system. In the end, I believe we shall see an increase in the rolls of MEDICAID, against the desires of many states. Just as Obama has destabilized our economy and the Middle East, he has now destabilized the American healthcare system…or shall we say, “fundamentally transformed” it.
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