Hagel more concerned about gay rights than combat readiness

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At a speech last Thursday night in New York at an Anti-Defamation League centennial dinner, Secretary of Defense Hagel attacked certain states which are not allowing same-sex couples to use National Guard facilities to sign up for benefits, such as ID cards.

The Obama administration made the decision that family/spousal benefits will be granted to same-sex couples. However, according to the Pentagon, several states have decided not to allow use of their Guard facilities to meet this federal edict, including Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and West Virginia.

It seems Secretary Hagel needs a lesson as to exactly for whom the National Guard works. By law, the National Guard belongs to the governors of our respective states. Only in times of emergency can they be federalized, such as for combat deployments. However, President Dwight Eisenhower used that power in order to enforce school desegregation.

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Bu you’d think Secretary Hagel might be more irate about the lack of readiness for our combat ground forces, considering the Army has only two trained and ready combat Brigades.

Hagel also made reference to the ongoing Obama administration negotiations with Iran. He believes the administration is doing everything possible to seek out a diplomatic solution with the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism.

Once again, it seems this Pentagon is more concerned with social egalitarianism than defending our nation. And by the way, perhaps Defense Secretary Hagel could explain to the American people why so many senior level General and Flag officers are being sacked by this administration, yet after his debacle in handling the death gratuity payments for the families of our fallen warriors, he’s still employed?

Sure doesn’t seem this Obama administration has its priorities in line when it comes to the primary responsibility of the federal government, “to provide for the common defense.” What do you think?

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