American DNA and the threat to our genetic code

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Last night I had the distinct pleasure and honor of attending a dinner in support of my friend and former colleague Congressman Steve Southerland (R-Fla). Rep. Southerland has come under a barrage of attacks from the progressive socialists, namely Nancy Pelosi’s House Majority PAC. I fully support him for reelection and will be heading up to Northwest Florida to rally the troops for this highly principled constitutional patriot, faithful Christian, and loving family man. However, Steve spoke of something I wish to share with you all regarding the American DNA.

A while ago I made the statement, to the angst of the progressives, that those supporting President Barack Obama were a threat to the gene pool. Of course that just threw them all into a tizzy, because as usual the real meaning of the message went right over their heads. So allow me to explain.

As Rep. Southerland articulated, the American DNA consists of these simple elements: liberty, freedom, faith, family, resiliency, hard work, exceptionalism, entrepreneurship, and rugged individualism. But in 2008 as you’ll recall, President Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally transform” the United States, in other words alter our DNA.

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And that ladies and gents is a threat to our gene pool, our American genetic code.

It is a threat to the basic premise of America that we pass on a greater, more exceptional country to our subsequent generations than what was left for us. Now that sacred promise is in danger. President Obama and his progressive socialist acolytes are destroying the essence of who we are as a Republic, based on the rule of law and individual sovereignty.

Consider how Mr. Obama and the progressives are punishing and dismissing American citizens who were paying for their own healthcare plans and forcing them into his collective nightmare aptly named Obamacare? There can be no excusing the fact that hardworking Americans are being forced from full-time employment into part-time due to his insidious regulations and mandates, especially against small business owners.

Americans seek opportunity. Obama promotes dependency by way of expanding the society of those in poverty and on government subsistence via food stamps.

America rewards diligence and determination. Obama redistributes the fruits of labor and effort to those who have had their hopes and dream stolen by the lie of low expectations.

Our Founding Fathers fought to create a new DNA strain, a code the world had never known. Many have bled to protect the American genetic code. Many have sought our shores in order to be infused with this unique quality. Now, in five short years, our American genetic code is threatened as never before.

My question to you, dear reader and to all Americans, is what do you believe constitutes the American genetic code? Do you believe it’s worth fighting for, or shall we undergo this fundamental transformation as articulated by the “know nothing President” who is indeed the author of the American demise?

For my part, I believe our greatest days lie before us and I also believe there is a great awakening occurring in America. Why do I feel that way? Because it is part of my DNA as an American. Molon Labe!
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