2-year-old daughter’s words for slain Dallas cop will BREAK your heart

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Patrick Zamarripa, a 32-year-old Dallas police officer was one of the individuals who was shot and killed during an anti-police violence protest, leaving behind a family who loved him dearly.

In fact, what his daughter said after seeing her father’s face for the last time is breaking hearts all across the Internet.

You might want to have a tissue handy for this one. It’s rough.

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TheBlaze reports, So Rick Zamarripa got in touch with his son’s wife, Kristy Villasenor. At first she didn’t know anything, either — but was soon told to get to Parkland Memorial Hospital.

Rick took off right away and was the first family member to arrive, the Post said.

He asked an officer, “How’s Patrick?” but received no answer, the paper said. “He had that look on his face. I knew.”

Patrick’s stepmother also texted him after hearing news about police officers shot in downtown Dallas. And seconds later she also was summoned to Parkland — and given the worst news: “I was told he passed away at 9:17. So he would have never saw my text,” a tearful Maria Zamarripa told the New York Daily News. “We were always worried about something happening to him.”

Indeed his Twitter bio reads: “Addicted to the thrill of this job. I own the night. I love my Country, Texas, Family, God, Friends, and Sports! Don’t Tread on Me! ‘Merica”

But he loved his 2-year-old daughter Lyncoln most of all.

As Patrick’s grieving family gathered Thursday night, Rick Zamarripa told the Post they were briefly allowed to see Patrick’s face through a glass window.

At that moment, Rick added to the paper, little Lyncoln cried out for Patrick: “Da da. Da da.”

Beyond heartbreaking, isn’t it?

You see, this is the end result of the constant anti-cop narrative being pushed by liberal media and politicians, including our very own president. This little girl will never get a chance to know her father, all because someone jumped to hasty conclusions about situations where they didn’t possess all of the facts.

Even if we do ultimately learn that police officers involved in the Minnesota and Louisiana shootings acted improperly, that does not justify more violence and bloodshed, especially of innocent people who had nothing to do with the incident.

Thoughts and prayers go out to the Zamarripa family for their loss.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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