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VIDEO: NY Muslim students erupt in vile outburst at Jewish speaker

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Two days ago, the president of American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) Pamela Geller, survived a threatening crowd of students at Brooklyn University.

Watch this clip of a woman, who during the question and answer section, encourages Geller “not to stop her fight against radical Islam.” The crowd turns against Geller, shouting “Don’t come back,” “Allahu akbar” and “Free, free Palestine.”

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Granted, Geller is no stranger to controversy. She’s behind a provocative ad campaign in New York City which is intended to shed light on the rise of radial Islam, but has grown into full-blown controversy of who is allowed to say what.

But, I assumed that universities were the safest places for differing viewpoints – the pinnacle of tolerance and acceptance.

Apparently, I was wrong.

Geller, and those like her are often targeted by certain student groups when they speak at universities. Ironically, being pro-Israel is considered hate speech on many college campuses today.

During her lecture at Brooklyn University, Geller was simply stating historical facts regarding radical Islamic teachings and subsequent violence against non-Muslims, including Christians and Jews.

Geller said, “There is no way that I can ever possibly relate to this kind of savagery. Did any of you watch yesterday’s video from the Islamic State? The first sixteen minutes citing Islamic texts and teaching, including the Quran by Islamic clerics for what they’re about to do. And then, Ethiopian Christians, who refuse to convert, were beheaded and shot to death.”

Yet, even when faced with the facts, you won’t see a university gathering open to critical thinking, just closed-minded hostility. Even when Geller was quoting the dates and facts regarding violent extremism and genocide against Jewish people, she was booed and jeered.

But, I guess tolerance is a one-way street after all.

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