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BREAKING: We just learned WHO stormed Trump this morning… it explains EVERYTHING

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Some of you have been asking for more information about the man who stormed the stage at a Trump rally this morning in Ohio, prompting Secret Service to intervene.

We’ve just learned more about the man. File this in the category of #ShockingNotShocking. Thomas Dimassimo turns out to be a “professional” protester with a history of anti-American demonstrations.

Via WZ:

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The Secret Service released the name of the man arrested this morning for bum rushing the stage in Ohio to attack Donald Trump. He is 32 year old [sic – other reports note he is 22] Tom Dimassimo and he first came to national attention for holding “a protest” where students stepped on the American flag on the grounds of Ohio’s Wright State University…

Here he is dragging the flag around like a piece of garbage.

NBC News reports Dimassimo was charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic — both misdemeanors — according to Chief Mike Etter of the Dayton Airport Police Department.

When you see the likes of Dimassimo in action, trashing the American flag and attempting to rush an unabashedly American presidential candidate, you might understand what some are labeling as nationalist sentiment from Trump supporters.

Whether you are a Trump supporter or not, those of us who remain committed to core American principles can all agree this man’s anti-American actions are disgraceful.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]

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