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BREAKING: Evacuations ordered due to NYE terror threat

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After New Year’s Eve celebrations were canceled in Brussels over concern of an imminent terrorist threat, we now have word evacuations have been ordered in Munich, Germany in light of “current indications” indicating a “terrorist attack is planned” in the area.

Via The Blaze:

Train stations were evacuated and people were told to avoid crowds in Munich, Germany, late Thursday after authorities received indications that a terror attack had been planned.

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Munich police tweeted about an hour before New Year’s Eve celebrations that “current indications” indicate a “terrorist attack is planned” in the area.

Munich tweets

Police said that at least two train stations had been evacuated and urged the public to obey the orders of police.

This is a sadly fitting end to the year in which Germany alone welcomed a flood one million Muslim migrants, while ISIS touted its use of the refugee crisis as a means to infiltrate Europe and the West. Meanwhile, one German government official reported the country is seeing a loss of around 30 per cent of the refugees” — in other words, they don’t know where some 300,000 refugees are. A recipe for disaster.

We pray that any plans for an attack in Germany — or elsewhere — are averted. And we pray that we can stop our own country from following in the footsteps of Germany and the rest of Europe.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]

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