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Zing! Fiorina responds to Clinton’s comments comparing GOP to terrorists

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As we reported a few days ago, it appears not only CNN but even the RNC is trying to keep Carly Fiorina off the next debate main stage. Nonetheless, she remains a formidable candidate, which most recent polls showing her well within the top ten.

This week, Fiorina was given the opportunity to react to Hillary Clinton’s outrageous claim that Republicans and terrorists basically treat women the same way.

As Fox News reports, on America’s Newsroom GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina shot back at Clinton, calling her remarks typical and reminded voters about the negative impact liberal policies have on women (especially inside the Clinton campaign, where female staffers are lower in the hierarchy and making less money compared to Fiorina’s campaign). She also reminded the audience that it’s Democrats, not Republicans, who are extremists on the issue of abortion, or what liberals like to call “women’s health.”

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In typical fashion, Fiorina dismantled Clinton’s arguments, as you can see here.

It sure would be something to see Fiorina debate Clinton. But given the way it seems Fiorina’s own party has little interest in supporting her candidacy, that’s probably unlikely. Of course there’s also the chance that Clinton will eventually bow out. That too seems unlikely, unless Obama plays godfather and gives her an offer she can’t refuse, i.e. step down and no charges will be pressed. Never a dull moment…


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