Allen B. West

WATCH: This one word manages to cause a firestorm on CNN

Well, here’s another one of those inane liberal conversations about race and racism, surrounding the use of the “n-word” – once beloved by Democrats in the South, including one president of the United States as it happens.

It’s all about who gets to use it and why black people still embrace it. Why would you want to perpetuate such a hurtful invective and willingly use it to describe yourself? I’m a white girl, so what do I know, but I certainly wouldn’t want to describe my fellow female friends as “b*tches.”

Nonetheless, after watching this clip, the comment that stuck out for me was Marc Lamont Hill’s “400 years of exploitation.”

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Yes, slavery was a terrible thing. But it’s OVER. Yes, segregation was a terrible thing, but it’s OVER.

We have a (half) black president.

We have a black attorney general at the Department of Justice, and will probably have another one when he steps down.

The head of Homeland Security is black.

The senior advisor to the president is black.

The ambassador to the United Nations and National Security Advisor is black.

We have a black Supreme Court justice (I know, he doesn’t count because he’s a conservative).

We had a black Secretary of State (ditto).

Do I need to go on about the highest earning athletes and entertainers including a billionaire talk show host?

Am I missing the definition of “exploitation?”

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