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W-T-Frrrrrrt. Norwegian Army combats global warming with “meatless Mondays”

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As a final story for today, I want to share a Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot moment. As reported this evening on the Special Report with Brett Baier on Fox News, it seems the Norwegian Army has taken up the mission of combating climate change. In order to reduce certain, well, gases emitted into the atmosphere, the Norwegian Army will now have “meatless Mondays.”

Yes, that is correct, the once feared Land of the Vikings will now go vegetarian on Mondays in order to do its, hmm, fair, anti-flatulent share in taking a stand against global warming. I suppose this means beans are off the menu as well.

Of course this move has been applauded by all the misguided progressive socialists who truly believe a reduction in human gases will cool the globe. Can you just imagine what the Vikings of old — the character Ragnar Lothbruck comes to mind — would think?

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This past summer my family and I were privileged and honored to enjoy a National Review summer cruise to Norway. As we ventured into the impeccable fjords I thought of the ruggedness and fierce nature of the Norsemen. During my duty assignment at Camp Lejeune NC, I even had the opportunity to travel to Norway and brief the staff of the 6th Norwegian Division.

And now to find out that they are banning consumption of meat in order to appease the junk science gods of global warming? Doggone, fellas, please rise up, remember your warrior heritage and chow down on some steak.

My biggest concern is that our Commander-in-Chief was watching Baier’s report and will issue an Executive Order directing something similar — don’t laugh. What say you, should the Norwegian Army forego meat on Mondays to combat climate change? Or is this about the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard?
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