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If you’re paying attention, you know Hillary Clinton’s campaign has collapsed and lost a whole lot more than one shoe. Her lead is dissolving faster than an Alka-Seltzer tablet. Tanking harder than Rick Astley’s career. Down the drain faster than Liquid Plumr.

Case in point: the LA Times/USC/Dornslife poll now shows Donald Trump SEVEN points ahead.

But that’s not even really the worst news for Team Clinton.

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A new poll from CBS no less shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tied up in 13 battleground states.

Per The Hill, The CBS News Battleground Tracker Poll shows Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, and her Republican rival tied at 42 percent apiece.

The same poll gave Clinton a 1-point advantage last week. She was up by 2 points over Labor Day weekend.

Meanwhile, 55 percent of battleground voters want to see “big changes” in politics and the economy in the next few years, while 43 percent want “some change,” and 2 percent think everything is fine.

Forty-seven percent of voters in those states feel that Trump could bring change, compared with the 20 percent that think Clinton could.

And to add insult to injury, Clinton is even losing her lead in that ultra-liberal bastion and ISIS lone-wolf incubator state of Minnesota.

Newsmax reports, Hillary Clinton’s one-time 13-point lead in Minnesota has been more than cut in half, according to the latest Star Tribune poll Sunday morning.

Clinton’s lead is now just six points, 44 to 38 percent, just outside the margin of error of +/- 4 points, per the results polled from 625 registered likely voters in Minnesota last week (Sept. 12-14).

This is getting interesting. Will the mainstream media be able to prop up her campaign and keep her standing? And will Trump supporters generate enough turnout to “beat the cheat?” Stand by folks. We’re only weeks away…

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

Oh boy: Anthony Weiner in trouble AGAIN??

Oh boy: Anthony Weiner in trouble AGAIN??

PRICELESS: Trump trolls John Kasich in his own backyard...

PRICELESS: Trump trolls John Kasich in his own backyard...