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Surprise: paying people to stay home works

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As the workforce participation rate continues to decline, there’s more evidence that more and more people leaving gainful employment really have no interest in coming back. In a story by Ben Casselman on,

Some 34.8% of Americans over age 16 say they don’t want a job, up from about 30% two decades ago, according to the Labor Department.

Casselman goes on to say it isn’t clear what’s behind the drop, but:

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The drop is most pronounced among young people, women and the less educated.

Well, let’s just think about this for a minute…

• Unemployment benefits now stretch from 40 weeks to more than a year, depending on your state
• The number of Americans claiming Social Security Disability has skyrocketed, as relaxed screening of applicants gives more weight to claimants with low-mortality disorders such as a primary impairment of mental illness or musculoskeletal disorders (primarily back pain) Food Stamp recipients have increased 49% just since Obama took office.
• Medicaid enrollment is skyrocketing. According to Newsmax:

No figures are available for Medicaid expansion in the 36 states where people are being enrolled through the troubled federal website. But in states which have set up their own exchanges under Obamacare, Medicaid enrollment is booming.

In Kentucky, for example, 82 percent, or 21,342, of those enrolling in new insurance plans under Obamacare are signing up for Medicaid, the Journal reported. In Washington, it’s 87 percent of 35,528; and in New York, 64 percent of some 37,000.

In the spirit of Milton Friedman, “if you pay people not to work, you’ll get a lot of people signing up for that job.” It’s getting easier for the progressive socialists to take over this nation. Simply pay people with other people’s money to stay home and not give a damn.
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