The secret Trump vote that TERRIFIES Democrats…

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There’s an interesting phenomenon being observed by pollsters on both sides of the aisle: the secret Trump vote.

Just as in 2008 when you might have been uncomfortable not expressing support for our first Muslim black bi-racial president, Barack Hussein Obama, there are folks in 2016 who are uncomfortable to “out” themselves about their support for Donald Trump.

Obviously, this is of particular concern for Democrats, because voters are saying one thing, but doing another in private.

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The Washington Examiner reports, Longtime Republican pollster and Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway explained on The Today Show that the hidden vote is seen when anonymous online polls are compared to phone call interview polls where people have to be more public in stating who they support.

For example, the new Reuters poll had Trump and Hillary Clinton just three points apart, where others that are phone survey based out Sunday showed a greater gap.

“The Reuters poll, which is an online poll, where Donald Trump is three points behind Hillary Clinton nationally, and I think that the important point to note there is that when you have online polls as opposed to telephone polls, Mr. Trump tends to do better, and that’s because the online polls approximate the ballot box, where you’re issuing your vote privately,” she said.

“We think there’s a big hidden Trump vote in this country,” said Conway, who added that Trump internal polls project “tighter” results in battleground states.

Her comments echoed those from Democratic pollster Celinda Lake who during the Democratic convention said that her side sees a secret Trump vote among white males.

“I worry that there is a bit of a secret Trump vote,” said the influential pollster at an event attended by Secrets.

She has proof revealed in polls that find more white male support when live people are doing the interviewing and less support for Clinton in anonymous online surveys.

“The pattern is in the online surveys, even if you control for demographics, Trump does three to nine points better than in telephone surveys. So it really does suggest that there is a secret vote for Donald Trump,” said Lake.

Let us hope so. We already know the polls are cooked anyway. So let’s hope our secret, silent army comes out in full force on Election Day to “beat the cheat.”

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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