Allen B. West

Please tell a liberal why the unemployment numbers are insane

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Every day we see how much trouble this administration has with ‘truthiness.” Today it’s unemployment. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment dropped dramatically in December to 6.7 percent.

But only 74,000 new jobs were created. It is the worst monthly report in three years.

Why did the unemployment number “improve?” Because 535,000 people left the work force. We now have nearly 92 million Americans no longer working. It is the smallest labor force since 1978.

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As Senator Jeff Sessions noted, five people left the workforce for every one job created. In fact only 1,700 jobs were created by state – and by the way, half of those jobs were part-time.

Curiously, the liberal media is now actually mentioning the “U-6 computation” which shows the total number of Americans unemployed, underemployed or no longer looking for jobs. That number, by the way, is 13 percent.

So why would the Left want to talk about it? Because all those people need three more months of unemployment benefits. In fact, the way we’re going, they’ll need it forever.

And yet we apparently need to grant amnesty for all those illegal aliens because there are so many jobs to fill.

Am I the only one going insane?

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