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Less than 20 minutes into the debate, Trump makes HUGE declaration…

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Game on, for the third and final presidential debate. For the record, there was no handshake at the beginning of the proceedings. People notice these things.

In any event, the first section of the debate focused on the Supreme Court and the candidates’ feelings about the Constitution.

Hillary Clinton was right out of the box talking about activism: rights for the LGBT community and “women’s right to choose.”

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Donald Trump had some very strong thoughts and a declaration that will shake the liberal community to its core.

As the Washington Times reports, Donald Trump told voters the Supreme Court is “what it’s all about” in this election as he and Hillary Clinton squared off for their final debate ahead of the election, vowing to appoint justices who would be conservative and would overturn the Roe v. Wade abortion decision.

“That will happen automatically,” Mr. Trump said at the top of the debate.

He also followed up that it would be left to the states to decide.

Naturally, Twitter erupted…





Strong words from a strong man. Will it change minds and bring more conservatives behind Trump? You decide.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford}

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