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Are Food Stamps the Left’s secret weapon against obesity?

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Michelle Obama thinks kids are too fat, Mayor Bloomberg won’t let you drink a big soda, but as highlighted by the Media Research Center, last week NBC reported that sadly, Food Stamp recipients couldn’t afford Halloween candy.

As if Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) payments were going to be eliminated, Brian Williams reported last Friday that “the ax falls for more than 47 million Americans struggling to put food on the table as tonight time has run out.” To illustrate, NBC interviewed single father of four Joe Blackburn who said he couldn’t even buy his children Halloween candy this year “because I just couldn’t afford it.”

The reason? As of November 1st, a special part-time recession boost to the program expired, so payments returned to their pre-stimulus levels of 2009. No doubt Halloween candy was affordable then. Never mind that the number of Americans on Food Stamps has doubled under Obama – NBC wants you to think there are massive “cuts.”

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To a liberal, any spending that’s not continuing to increase is actually a cut. It’s misleading, disingenuous and means we can never have a rational discussion about controlling our massive entitlement programs.

But there might actually be a brilliant strategy to reduce Americans’ waistlines hidden in the expanding statistics for Food Stamps.

According to the CDC, more than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7 percent) and approximately 17 percent (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2—19 years are obese. Perhaps the liberals’ grand plan to cut obesity is to put everyone on Food Stamps so food intake can be rationed and controlled –just like health care.

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