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BREAKING: Seattle mall shooter NOT “Hispanic,” was born in…

On Friday night, a young man walked into the Cascade Shopping Mall in Burlington, WA and killed four women and a man.

Authorities were quick to say a. this was not a terror attack and b. the shooter looked “Hispanic.”

Well, well, well.

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Thankfully the shooter is now in custody. We know him as twenty-year-old Arcan Cetin.

He was born in Turkey.

USA Today says Cetin immigrated to the United States with his family as a child.

Despite rumors about Islamic terrorism, authorities said during a news conference late Saturday there is no evidence of the shooting being terror-related.

The motive remains unclear, but law enforcement sources told KING-TV Cetin’s ex-girlfriend used to work at the Macy’s where the shooting happened. However, she has not worked there in months and now lives in another county.

He also has a criminal record.

Cetin was involved in a number of cases in recent years, according to the Washington court database.
Cetin has faced three assault charges related to domestic violence, the Seattle Times reported. They involved his father.

A judge told Cetin Dec. 29 he could not possess a firearm, the Times reported. His stepfather convinced the judge not to include a no-contact order because Cetin was “going through a hard time.”
Cetin also has an arrest on a drunken driving charge, the Times reported.

He’s certainly going to be having a “hard time” now. And the families of the five people he murdered are also “going through a hard time.”

And we shall soon see how the mainstream media tries to spin this into a sympathetic tale of a jilted boyfriend. After all, it was the gun’s fault.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

New bill has mayors running SCARED

New bill has mayors running SCARED

You’re truly DUMB as HELL if you think this is gonna happen….

You’re truly DUMB as HELL if you think this is gonna happen….