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What liberal media blamed for France terror attack is ABSURD

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Liberal news organizations have been in full pander mode after a terrorist attack in Nice, France, doing everything in their power to avoid offending Muslims and pushing a radical leftist agenda designed to bring Islamists into the Democratic Party.

One such offender, MSNBC, was so egregious in their description of the attack that they instantly became the object of scorn and mockery across social media.

As The Blaze reports, MSNBC became the subject of brutal online ridicule and mockery after the left-leaning cable network referred to the terror attack in Nice, France, as a “truck crash.”

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It didn’t take long for many to call attention to the tweet. One user replied to the tweet, saying, “who writes this crap?” and another asked, “what is wrong with you people?”

Later, critics began using the hashtag “MNSBC Headlines” to mock the network for its apparent denial of what had occurred in Nice.

Unfortunately, MSNBC wasn’t the only lefty network that took the PC route when describing the incident.


What is it with liberals and blaming inanimate objects for murder sprees and terrorist attacks?

First it was guns, now trucks.

The most logical question to ask next is whether or not leftists will organize protests and demand “vehicle control” legislation, since this was all the truck’s fault.

To call this disgusting form of pandering “journalism” is absolutely absurd. The purpose of journalism is to help equip people with facts to keep them informed of what’s happening in the world, enabling them to draw their own conclusions and make good decisions on various issues.

It’s not, however, the job of a reporter or news publication to assuage the feelings of an entire group of people when many members of said group are violent terrorists who desire to push their beliefs on the rest of the world.

Perhaps one day integrity in media will become a thing again.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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