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Oops: Obama lets slip TRUTH about Obamacare

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Anyone who has more than one brain cell not on life support knows Obamacare is a complete and total disaster.

The so-called “Affordable Care Act” has made health insurance anything but affordable causing premiums to skyrocket and some folks to lose their coverage entirely.

By the way the media paints things, you’d think only conservatives are aware of the awful byproducts of this horrific piece of legislation.

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Apparently that’s not the case. Even the main dude behind it all, our current president, thinks Obamacare is a stinker.

Yes, President Obama had quite the slip of the tongue at a meeting with Democrats where he was trying to rally support for this monstrosity.

via Twitchy:

President Obama went to Capitol Hill today to huddle with congressional Democrats about what they could do in order to keep Republicans from repealing the Affordable Care Act:

Obama reportedly told Dems to keep doing what they do best without realizing that’s what got them into political trouble in the first place:

The president also had this advice for Dems:

Did he just say “something worse” in reference to his own healthcare bill? Why yes, yes he did.

In other words, even Obama knows Obamacare is for the birds.

As you might imagine, this caught the eye of the Internet in a big, big way.

Too funny.

Obamacare is definitely terrible, and as a result should be repealed as soon as possible, a feat that was once impossible, but thanks to the 2016 election looks very likely to happen.

The federal government has no place in health care. What will help make insurance truly affordable for everyone is to increase competition in the marketplace by removing the restrictions to allow folks to buy across state lines.

Obamacare at its core was never really about helping people get insured. It was designed to be a first step toward single-payer, fully controlled government health care.

Now that Trump is in office and conservatives have all branches of government under their control, perhaps we can finally put the ACA right where it belongs:

The garbage can.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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