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OOPS: In one sentence, CNN ADMITS what we knew all along

Back in the 1990s, Ted Turner’s CNN earned itself a nickname: The Clinton News Network.

That was for Bill Clinton, of course, but throughout the 2016 presidential race the network has re-earned that name again for its defense of another Clinton: Hillary. As I write, a video is going viral featuring a 10-minute compilation of CNN and MSNBC cutting off the mics of guests who dare criticize Queen Hillary.

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And it’s hardly a coincidence — they really are in the tank for her. How can we know for sure? Well, CNN has openly admitted the media’s given Hillary a “free ride” and that they themselves have been the “biggest ones promoting her campaign” — starting as far back as 2014, even before Hillary officially announced her bid for president. As BizPacReview reports:

Witness CNN’s Chris Cuomo, the man who called Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort a liar and debated Rudy Giuliani for 32 break-less minutes on the ridiculous liberal interpretation of Trump’s Second Amendment statement, wax eloquent during a 2014 segment during which he and another host were discussing Clinton’s potential entry into the race.

“It’s a problem because she’s doing what they call in politics “freezing pockets,” because the donors are giving her money thinking she’s going to run, that means they’re not going to have available money for other candidates if she doesn’t.” Cuomo said. “And I don’t think she’s going to give it to them. We couldn’t help her any more than we have, she’s got just a free ride so far from the media, we’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign, so it had better happen.

Well, at least they’re being honest. Of course, Cuomo faced no consequences for that stark admission — as he shouldn’t have. What he said was about as controversial as reporting that the sky is blue.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

CAIR leader meets 12-year-old girl, and THEN...

CAIR leader meets 12-year-old girl, and THEN...