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Mexico delivers new STUNNING rebuke to Trump…

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Not only do Mexico’s politicians want it to be clear they’re not paying for Donald Trump’s border wall – they’re making sure their citizens get to stay on our side of it.

On Friday, all 50 Mexican consulates in the U.S. launched legal assistance centers to form partnerships with nonprofit groups and  lawyers to help those fearing deportation under Trump. Mexico’s government will be spending $50 million towards legal aid.

Also occurring earlier last week, Mexican lawmaker Braulio Guerra climbed the border between San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico, to deliver a message to Trump. He stated that “It’s completely unnecessary — and it’s absurd — to build a wall that costs $15 billion,” though it’s unclear why he would care if Mexico won’t be paying for it.

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And then today, Mexico’s government released a video instructing illegals how to avoid ICE agents when they come to the door.

It’s clear why Mexico has a vested interest in their citizens immigrating illegally to the U.S. instead of residing in Mexico (while they themselves hypocritically enforce their own immigration laws strictly).

Remittances to Mexico last year hit a record $27 billion, an 8.8 percent increase from the year prior, or 28 percent higher if you account for the decline of the Peso’s value relative to the Dollar. Remittances are a larger source of money for Mexico’s economy than oil revenues. Mexico’s petroleum exports totaled $18.7 billion in 2016, far below remittances.

As a percentage of their economy, remittances have been on a historical rise.


In fact, they’re benefiting so much from remittances it would be enough money to pay for a border wall.

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Uh-oh: More VERY bad news…

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