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EXPOSED: Here’s the big LIE in Hillary’s health report

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The story of Hillary Clinton’s health has changed drastically in the past week. She had been able to maintain that her alleged health problems were nothing more than another talking point conjured up by the vast right-wing conspiracy. After she fainted on Sunday, her campaign tried to blame it on the candidate overheating, then dehydration, before finally disclosing she’d been diagnosed with pneumonia two days prior. Had she never publicly fainted, you can bet that diagnosis would’ve never been disclosed voluntarily to the public.

On Wednesday, Hillary’s campaign released a small amount of medical information on the nominee, along with a two-page note by her doctor that concludes she’s “fit to serve as president.” So fit in fact, that as physician Dr. Milton Wolf noticed, she excels at health tests that don’t exist. As the Gateway Pundit reportedLast night, Dr. Milton Wolf responded to Hillary Clinton’s doctor’s report. “Hillary’s doctor just claimed Hillary had a perfect score on a test that doesn’t exist.”


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Dr. Wolf also called into question Hillary’s pneumonia diagnosis, stating there’s no such thing as “non-contagious bacterial pneumonia.” That was Hillary’s official diagnosis, and supposedly explained why she still made contact with others following her diagnosis.

What is there to make of all this? That there’s much more to Hillary’s health than she’d like us to believe.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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