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Bernie’s latest endorsement should END his campaign once and for all

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Venezuela is suffering from chronic electricity shortages, food lines that put even Soviet breadlines to shame, is out of beer, and so broke it ran out of money needed to print more money. In other words, just another day in socialist paradise.

It’s no wonder Bernie Sanders won’t answer questions about Venezuela. He’d rather point to countries like Sweden or Denmark as models of socialism done right — despite Prime Minister of Denmark publicly informing Bernie his country is not actually socialist. Bernie’s own former press secretary penned a piece in 2013 praising Venezuela’s socialist model, and he’s hardly the only prominent Lefty to do so.

That being said, Bernie can’t be happy about his latest presidential endorsement. As CNN reports:

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro believes Bernie Sanders would be headed to the White House if the U.S. held “free” and fair elections.

During a television broadcast on Tuesday night, Maduro — who has expressed support for Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, in the past — called the Democratic candidate “our revolutionary friend” and said it was only “an archaic (electoral) system that is 200 years old” keeping him from the presidency.
Maduro’s comments, heard on a video translated by Reuters, were less complimentary of the presumptive Republican nominee.
“Donald Trump could win with the electoral system they have in the United States,” Maduro said. “And you know why? Because Donald Trump is using a force for change hidden in U.S. society.”
Honestly, sane Americans will see being denounced by Venezuela’s president as translating to an endorsement for Donald Trump.
[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]
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