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Mar-A-Lago SHOCKER: Guess who we discovered protesting Trump?

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It’s definitely a puzzler: why do people who have been accused of horrific and/or high-profile crimes persist in staying in the spotlight?

OJ, Anthony Weiner, and…Casey Anthony?

As reported by Fox News:

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Anthony, who famously was cleared in the 2008 murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, joined a march in West Palm Beach that ended near the president’s Mar-a-Lago resort Saturday evening, according to the news station.

The video showed Anthony, 30, wearing glowing wristbands, alongside protesters wearing similar necklaces and wristbands. She appeared to have a black cap on backwards.

She would not speak to the camera but said she opposed Trump’s policies, WPTV added.

Casey Anthony has laid low in the years since the jury acquitted her in 2011. Defense attorneys argued that her daughter drowned in a swimming pool. Crews found Caylee Anthony’s remains inside a trash bag in the woods near the family’s home in December 2008, months after she disappeared.

Years later, Casey Anthony started getting “bored,” sources told People magazine last summer.

“She sort of lives like an old person, on a fixed income without much going on in her life,” one source said. Anthony apparently set up a photography business but didn’t seem to get many clients.

Certainly, as a private citizen, Ms. Anthony is free to express herself as she wishes. However, alleviating “boredom” seems a pretty big tradeoff for getting back into the public eye – a public that, by and large, didn’t buy the acquittal.

And, oddly enough, Casey, herself was the subject of a political movement…one that sparked calls for “Caylee’s Law,” named after her deceased daughter, and one that would impose stricter requirements for parents to notify law enforcement in the death or disappearance of a child.

If anyone understands adverse public opinion, it would be Casey Anthony. For now, let’s hope political activism isn’t the next rung in her career path.

[Note: This post was written by Marie Stroughter. Follow her on Twitter @MarieStroughter]

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