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Brutal meme NAILS real problem with Obama’s bathroom directive

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Now that the federal government is once again suing one of its own states for passing laws it doesn’t like, add to that President King Obama’s issuance of a decree concerning transgender access to bathrooms in America’s schools and the subject of who may use which facilities is firmly in the national conscience.

Lost in the discussion over reproductive organs are two far more serious issues, that of state’s rights –can a state pass its own laws or does Big Brother Washington D.C. run and control everything; and what should be the biggest concern of all —THE PROTECTION OF CHILDREN.

Here’s the thing that you’re missing, libs. While you’re busy screaming, hopping up and down about the “rights” of LBGTQ’s to use the bathroom of the gender they “identify” with, you’re missing the most significant chunk of the opposition message, that of protecting children.

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For the most part conservatives aren’t saying all or even most men who “identify” as women are wanting to do anything other than use the bathroom and leave. But there are predators in our society. We’ve all seen it, sadly, it happens all the time. These men are not transgender or cross-identifying, they’re sick human beings who prey on children. They touch, grope, violate, run child porn rings and worse. And they’re not all stupid. If they’re allowed to say “I identify as a woman” and just walk into female facilities, how long do you really think it’ll take before they figure this out and start to game the system in order to satisfy their sick and perverted lusts? And by the way, the child molester population is about 10 times larger than the transgender population.

Imagine this scenario:

A 10 year-old girl goes to the bathroom at the restaurant by herself. Her father hears her crying as she runs back to the table, calms her down, asks what happened and she says a man just touched her privates. Police come investigate. Security cameras show that just after she entered the bathroom a man entered. He is identified, found and interviewed by police. He says he is transgender and was just exercising his rights to use whichever bathroom he chooses, that he was just using the bathroom and the little girl is lying.

Where do we go from here? This isn’t saying that LBGTQs are the problem. No, child molesters are.

What recourse does this family have? A little girl has been violated in a way no child should, scarred for life and may carry trust issues that affect her relationships for decades. Does this family sue the establishment? If the state has a “bathroom law” then the business is only complying with the law. You can’t sue someone for keeping the law only for breaking it. Or what if the enraged father catches up to the molester and assaults him? (Or worse?)

The issue here isn’t transgender “rights” so much as it’s the same issue as always: the principle of unintended consequences. Before we take off trying to secure everyone’s “rights” we need to think carefully about these things. Doubly so when children are involved.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn and first appeared on The Federalist Papers]

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