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Young Guardian of the Republic: Henry Correa – Wise Beyond His Years

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At age 17, Henry is wise beyond his years and has so many accomplishments that they cannot all be listed here.

Henry will be the first one to tell you that he didn’t grow up in a bubble. He himself points out that growing up in a rough area of Las Vegas offered plenty of opportunity to take off in the wrong direction but he says he saw what substance abuse did to others and he made a conscious decision to avoid that life. Amazingly, since making that decision, Henry has avoided  the pitfalls most teenagers fall into. Henry’s life is proof that no matter what situation you are born into success is possible with the right decisions.

Henry involved himself in church where he has become a youth leader. “Religious faith is one of the major parts of my life. My faith has helped me through so many hard times in my life, and I’m incredibly thankful for it.”

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Henry also joined the Air Force JROTC program, “JROTC is the foundation of most of my accomplishments. The JROTC program has taught me attention to detail, tenacity, professionalism, discipline, and even respect for others.” Henry is a member of the JROTC National Championship exhibition drill team and was selected as Commander of the team his senior year. He commands Color Guard as a fill in, and commands the flag folding team that performs at the local American Legions and  at home games for sporting events. Henry has been chosen to attend Boys State this year. He is also a member of the Honor Society.

Henry credits his love for the United States and God, and talks with his dad for his success in life. “My dad would tell me stories about himself as a child, and within those stories there was always a moral. It’s these stories that keep me going and have taught me so much, if it weren’t for just these simple stories, I don’t know where I would be.”

“My future goal is to join the military, whether it’s enlisted or as an officer, I want to help protect and serve my country. However, my biggest dream is to have a family and be a father.”

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