Allen B. West

Quite possibly the best MARINE billboard you’ll ever see

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Psychological operations (PSYOP) also known as Military Information Support Operations (MISO- not to be confused with miso, the tasty soup) are used by our military in strategic or tactical ways to influence the minds and actions of our enemies.

Roadside billboards are most likely not part of the tactics, but if they were, something like this from our Marines would be awesome, don’t you think?


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This simple message proves our men and women in uniform don’t harbor hatred for the terrorists they fight, but only seek to serve justice upon them by hastening their appearance in front of the ultimate judge.

Honestly, what could be more American than that? After all, the Sixth Amendment to our own Constitution demands that all those accused of wrongdoing be granted a speedy trial.

The Marines seeking to expedite these jihadists’ appearance before the ultimate judge are really just trying to extend our own Constitutional rights to those who wish to kill us… or so we might argue just to irritate a whiny liberal.

The U.S. Marines Corps, bring freedom and liberty with them wherever they go, delivering it to the radical Islamist jihadists one bullet at a time.


[Note: This story was written by Marine mom, Ashley Edwardson]
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