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THANK YOU BERNIE: Here’s how he could cost Hillary the election…

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Here’s something we all have in common politically with the average Sanders supporter: we don’t like Hillary Clinton.

Bernie is a different kind of Democrat (in fact, he’s really not a Democrat at all), and his supporters aren’t going to throw their vote to whatever Democrat gets the nomination as many Republicans inevitably will (aside from the “Never Trump” crowd, of course).

According to the far-left Huffington Post, 33 percent of Sanders supporters would never consider voting for Hillary.

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So who will they be voting for? In an interview with Breitbart, Trump spokswoman Katrina Pierson thinks she knows, stating: I’ve got Sanders people sending me messages — it’s surreal — saying that if they steal the nomination from Bernie they’re voting for Trump. She added. “So he is definitely the only candidate that can beat Hillary Clinton in the fall.”

This comes after an AOL poll (so admittedly, an unscientific one) had nearly half of respondents supporting Sanders indicating they would defect for Trump in a general election against Hillary.

Here’s a better movement we can start: Never Hillary.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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