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UNEXPECTED: These voters could cost Hillary the election

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Despite how often we hear our liberal friends talk about diversity, the most progressive candidate this election is performing abysmally in attracting minority voters.

The mainstream media are crowing that Clinton commands double-digit leads in the black vote over Bernie Sanders.

But all this means is she’s doing well in this regard relative to one other candidate. As the New York Post reported, there’s far less enthusiasm for the Hillary campaign among blacks than there was for Obama.

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Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has to worry about a steep drop-off of the black vote that could imperil her chances of winning the White House in November, an analysis has found.

The number of African-Americans who voted in Tuesday’s primaries plummeted by an estimated 40 percent in Ohio, 38 percent in Florida and 34 percent in North Carolina compared with the 2008 Democratic primary when Barack Obama was on the ballot, reported the advocacy group Black Votes Matter.

Record numbers of African-American voters flocked to the polls to elect and re-elect America’s first black president.

Analysts expected some drop-off, but not the enormous numbers recorded Tuesday.

So why is this important? The black vote tipped the scale for Obama over Romney in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Oh, and did I mention that one poll showed 40 percent of blacks lining up behind Trump? That compares to support in the single digits for Romney.

And here are some more statistics that don’t bode well for Hillary.

Sanders fan base isn’t going to rally behind Hillary, in fact, 33 percent say they wouldn’t vote for her in the general election.

On the other side of the political aisle, 20 percent of Democrats say they would vote for Trump. How’s that for diversity?

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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