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Tim Tebow says he’d consider running for office on ONE condition…

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Tim Tebow was first recognized publicly as a conservative back in 2010 when he starred in a pro-life ad with his mother that aired during the Super Bowl. He’s also known for his firm Christian beliefs.

He’s not going to be playing football forever, so could politics be next in his career? Yesterday, Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt asked him about whether or not he’d ever run for office. As for his response, the Washington Examiner reported:

Tim Tebow isn’t ruling out a future career in politics. The former Florida Gator and NFL quarterback admitted he would consider running for political office one day, but on one condition.

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“If there’s a chance you can make a difference in something, then that would be intriguing,” Tebow told Earhardt.

Tebow, known on and off the field for his Christian faith, said the 2016 presidential election has been “crazy” and a “whirlwind” to watch, but wouldn’t comment on which Republican or Democratic candidate he supports.

It’s unclear what kind of position Tebow would ever be interested in running for – but it’ll be fun watching liberals’ heads explode if he ever does.

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